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Let’s face it, losing weight really stinks. Getting up early to fight the crowds at the gym, eating rabbit food for breakfast, lunch and dinner and avoiding midnight trips to the freezer and that oh so delicious pint of ice cream. Losing weight is not fun, but it’s important and that’s why Lose Weight Daily is here to help.

woman eating a healthy mealOur writers and editors struggle with weight loss the same way you do. Whether it’s just a few pounds around your stomach to a whole body that needs re-shaping – don’t worry we won’t judge! What we will do is bring you helpful news, research and advice that will actually help you lose weight instead of perpetuating the problem. We’ll also bring you money saving discounts on top tier diets like Medifast, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem and more because who doesn’t like saving money right?

We want Lose Weight Daily to be your home for diet information for regular folks like us, so come on in and make yourself at home. If there is something the LWD team can do to help you achieve that special body that you’ve been dreaming about or at least keep you out of the fridge at night let us know. We’re always looking to help our readers so if there is something missing that you want to see let the LWD editors know if there is anything you would like to learn more about and we’ll make it happen.